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The Tribal Looms

Our company, The Tribal Looms, was started by Hossein Chegini in 1984. The company has been around since then, servicing clients from all over the world and becoming a respected expert name for quality antique and decorative rugs. 

The History

Hossein Chegini moved to the United States with a dream for him and his family.  He started a small shop on Chicago Avenue in Evanston, IL that offered hand picked antique oriental rugs for sale.  At the time, the Evanston area was known to have some of the best shops and collections of antique oriental rugs from all around the world in the U.S.  In a very short period of time, Hossein made a name for himself in as a true connoisseur of his trade.

He then moved his storefront, The Tribal Looms, to Green Bay Road in Kenilworth, IL, where he expanded his business to serve residents of The North Shore and greater Chicagoland areas. After many years he finally moved to downtown Chicago's robust River North in 2006.  His current location is located just a few blocks from the Merchandise Mart.  Now considered one of the most expert antique rug dealers in the industry, Hossein continues to serve his clients, enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. 

The Tribal Looms Experience 

Hossein travels around the world to personally see, select and buy some of the best antique rugs out there. His inventory now includes rugs from places like Germany, France, Belgium, Iran, Turkey, United State and Canada. He sells decorative oriental rugs as well, also individually selected by him.

Our company Tribal Looms, under Hossein’s trusted leadership, has been serving clients in Chicago as well as many other cities in the United States and elsewhere, striving for complete client satisfaction every single time in terms of authenticity, quality and age of rugs. 

Our company services clients who want decorative or antique rugs for various rooms within their homes, or even for charming offices. Our clients range from antique collectors to young families looking at decorating their new homes. Collectors also form a big percentage of our clients and we strive to satisfy each one of them by offering them some of the best antiques from around the world, handpicked by Hossein. 

We also repair, restore and clean antique rugs for collectors and museums as part of our services.

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