The Tribal Looms is an antique rugs business located in the heart of downtown Chicago, United States. The company services local as well as international clients from around the world. The owner of the business, Hossein Chegini, started his first shop after coming to the United States as a passion and dream that he wanted to fulfil all his life.

We at Tribal Looms provide a number of products and services, ranging from selling, restoration, cleaning and appraisals of antique rugs from every corner of the world. Each rug we sell is hand-picked by Hossein who travels around the world in search for these pieces of art. This ensures that every single client gets the best quality authentic rugs from Tribal Looms.

We have a range of rugs to choose from, depending on what you are looking for. We have small, medium, large and palace rugs that you can choose from. Our clients range from people who are looking to decorate their offices elegantly with a rug, or families looking to add warmth and luxury to their homes with these rugs. We also have serious antique collectors who wish to engage our rug appraisal and restoration services for their collection.

Our restoration, repair and cleaning services are of museum standards. We take utmost care of your precious rugs while handling them to ensure that you get them back in perfect condition every time.

With decades of experience, our company brings you style, comfort and elegance through our range of antique and decorative oriental rugs of every kind from every corner of the world. These lovely pieces of art will instantly add a touch of luxury, charm and elegance to your home and office.

Check out our collection from our website or drop by at our store to take a look. You can also get in touch with us to arrange a meeting for appraisals or restoration work on your rug collections.